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On-demand Smart Building (OSB)

Innovation Project is the exclusive installer of the On-demand Smart Building (OSB) system in Andalucia. The revolutionary strong yet lightweight On-demand Smart Building system (OSB) brings together the latest design software, on-demand manufacturing techniques, new construction materials and smart technology to create a faster, smarter, efficient, better and more environmentally friendly building system. OSB needs less physical labor, creates much less waste, has better insulation, better sound proofing and eliminates damp and mold problems.

OSB - Designing

Your OSB project starts with the latest design software. The OSB construction system enables us to create designs not possible using many other construction methods and traditional materials. Whether it's your new home, an apartment block or a complete resort, we use the latest 2D planning and 3D modeling to review the finish designs before we start building.


OSB - Construction Benefits

On-demand HOWICK Light Steel Frame manufacturing and on-demand CRUPE spray coverings means construction time is greatly reduced.

OSB construction benefits include:

  • Fast - cut construction time by around 50%.

  • Strong - highest strength to weight ratio of any building materials.

  • Light - means less foundations and the ability to build on inclined land and remote areas.

  • Less material waste - reducing costs and environmental impact.

  • Less equpment - No heavy lifting and cranes required on site.

  • Spans - up to 28m span without posts or ground supports.

  • Loads - load is spread over whole construction, so better earthquake resistance

OSB - Smart Technology

OSB also incorporates the latest security and environmental control technology.

  • Advanced materials and chemicals.

  • Invisible and silent AC & heating technology.

  • Smart learning control systems.

  • Smart Home technology.

  • HUE LED lighting.

  • Solar heat water generation.

The OSB gives property owners many benifits including:

OSB - Owning Benefits
  • Faster - Quicker move in time.

  • Easier - Smart home technology.

  • Cooler - Invisible air climate control.

  • Cheaper - reduced cooling & heating costs.

  • Efficient - energy saving, AC, heating and lighting.

  • Safer - fire resistance.

  • Quieter - 85db sound insulation.

  • Cleaner - no mold or damp problems. 

Build Faster, Smarter, Better, and Cheaper!

How OSB Works

Commercial Uses

Your Design

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